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just a repository of whatever things i'm interested at. think of it as a longer tweet

I used to think that everyone need to spend more time with mentally challenging and stimulating things instead of infinite distractions.

Reading books, playing chess, composing music, doing math, solving problems instead of watching tv, arguing pointlessly, tweeting every minute, and the likes.

Then i realized how insensitive this thought was. For some people, playing chess provide a distraction, while for some other, tweeting nonsense is their means of survival.

Then perhaps nothing is more meaningful than another. Just a matter of what things people do to make their life a bit more enjoyable, whether it is making the world a better place, or just complaining about nearly everything.

You will from time to time meet a patient who shares a disturbing tale of multiple mistakes in his previous treatment. He has been seen by several clinicians, and all failed him. The patient can lucidly describe how his therapists misunderstood him, but he has quickly perceived that you are different. You share the same feeling, are convinced that you understand him, and will be able to help.” At this point my teacher raised his voice as he said, “Do not even think of taking on this patient! Throw him out of the office! He is most likely a psychopath and you will not be able to help him.
Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow
just because you can’t prove something ever existed doesn’t mean it never existed, it just means you should maybe question why you think it existed based on a total lack of evidence beyond assorted fantastical stories that were not geographically limited to your corner of the world in any way whatsoever.
Felix Clay
What people are truly interested in are the genetic basis of complex traits, such as intelligence, personality, and height. Unfortunately complex traits often have a complex genetic basis. A trait such as height, which is highly heritable (i.e., most of the variation in the population is due to variation in genes), turns out to be subject to the control of innumerable genes, each of which has a small impact on the value of the final trait. Then there is the possibility that the heritability is tied up to interaction effects across genes.
Discover Magazine article
In an ecosystem consisting of a thousand organisms, the state of each of which is characterized by ten variables (for example, position, health, water and food levels, whether pregnant), the state of the entire system will be represented by ten thousand variables.
Michael Strevens - Bigger Than Chaos